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At the conference, MDI ventures and AC ventures presented the rise of the entrepreneurship phenomenon before and after the "New Normal," as well as the new opportunities and obstacles that will be faced in the "New Normal." With the aim to inform the audiences about numerous possibilities and opportunities that exist within the "New Normal," additionally providing them with the necessary insights and knowledge.

IB Career Talk

Participants will be provided opportunities to increase their knowledge by learning directly from professionals in the Investment Banking field. With the assistance of practitioners like Mark Bruny, CFA, as the CFO of KoinWorks and BOD Member of CFA Society, shared his experience and expertise. Participants had discuss the theme “Capturing Capital Waves” and the field of Investment Banking as a potential career path.

Valuation Masterclass

The valuation masterclass with the theme "Cutting Edge Valuation Methods for Tech Companies", was aim to assist finalists in implementing their final case by exploring company valuation methods. The session was led by Mr. Andrew Stotz, CFA, former President of the CFA Society of Thailand.

Networking Session

Participants will be able to deeply explore and learn about the financial industry by connecting with experienced practitioners in the field. On top of that, participants will gain new insights and better understanding towards the different views regarding recent topics in the Investment Banking industry.

Competition Day 1

Started with an opening speech by the Director of Undergraduate Program of Universitas Prasetiya Mulya, the first day was then followed by the introduction of the Top 10 teams and continued with an opening remarks about last year grand theme “Capturing Capital Waves”. Following the opening speech, IB Talk sessions were led by Mr. Mark Bruny, CFA to encourage participants to pursue their career in the Investment Banking world. In addition to Day 1, also included Valuation Master Class that was directed by Mr. Andrew Stotz, Ph.D., CFA. Towards the end of the event, participants were given the final case that had to be completed and presented on the third day.

Competition Day 3

On the third day, all finalists presented their final analysis in front of judges. This event was split into two sessions with five teams on each. There was a Q&A session after the presentation, and the winner was selected based on the overall score of the final paper and the presentation provided by Mr. Andrew Stotz, Ph.D., CFA, Mr. Henry Lim, Mr. Oki Ramadhana and Mr. Rezki Maulana Djohan as judges.

Competition Day 4

To close IIBC 2020, a closing speech about the emergence of modern enterprises was delivered by distinguished experts in the industry. This session discussed about the transformation to new business models, opportunities and threats for the financial industry. In addition, some measurements that millennials should take in the midst of the inconstant world and closing remarks by Mr. Andrew Stotz, CFA. Following the closing remarks was the awarding ceremony for the winners of IIBC 2020.

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